“Fat Boy”, Family Cat, Rescued After 9 Days On Pole.

“Fat Boy”, family cat, rescued after 9 days on pole.

“Fat Boy”, family cat, rescued after 9 days on pole.

You may have heard the term that cats have nine lives, but probably have not heard that they have nine days.  Nine days is exactly how long one cat, “Fat Boy”, was trapped at the top of an electrical pole before being finally being rescued by a Southern California rescue crew recently.

In the town of Fresno in Southern California, residents of the neighborhood had been pleading for emergency assistance in extracting the plucky feline.  14 year old Andrew Perez described his cat, Fat Boy, as a “nice cat” in an interview with his local newspaper, the Fresno Bee.  He added that he thought his loving pet ended up there, perhaps scared by a dog.  Perez also confessed that he was scared for the beloved cat.


Finally two members from the local power company arrived, to cut power to nearly 250 homes in the area to enable the rescue.  “It’s not a simple thing to climb a power pole and get a cat down” said Pacific Gas and Electric Co. spokesman Denny Boyles. For the safety of the emergency personnel, the lines connected to the pole had to be de-energized first. Boyles added “The safety of the two guys who went up the pole, and the crew member on the ground, has to be our first priority, every time”

After several hours, the cat was down safely, back in its owner’s arms, and power restored to the houses in the neighborhood. A representative of local non-profit,Paw Lives Matter, was on-hand to give Fat Boy some food, and inject fluids. Reportedly Fat Boy was only slightly worse for the wear, being in good condition outside of dehydration.

Due to the persistence of those concerned, and local emergency officials, Fat Boy can look forward to spending the rest of his nine lives with his relieved owner.


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