Professional Athlete Makes The World Laugh After Calling Out Her Dad.

Professional Athlete makes the world laugh after calling out her dad.

Professional Athlete makes the world laugh after calling out her dad.

Through hours of practice, Sabre Norris honed her skills, becoming an accomplished surfer.  That practice paid off, as this year she was invited to participate in the World Surfing League’s Sydney International Women’s Pro event.  Amazingly, Sabre Norris is only 11 years old.  Now, this accomplished 11 year old is making more waves, and melting hearts, after calling her own fatherout during an adorable interview with a local television station.

Normally, an 11 year old girl,surfing as a professional, would be newsworthy enough on its own. However, it was during an interview with Australia’s Channel 9 Today show, that she unleashed an on-air expose on her father that left interviewers laughing. During the interview, young Sabre initially expressed her delight in getting to compete in the surfing event. Later in the interview she mentioned that she “really would want to spend [the $250 minimum prize money] on donuts”

Apparently the love of sweets runs in the family as Sabre threw everyone for a loop by calling out her own father about his eating habits. When asked if her dad was proud of her accomplishment in getting to compete, she at first mentioned that he was an athlete, but then added “… Now he’s um, pretty fat.”  She continued, “He used to eat like two liters of ice cream every single night.”  Then, just piling on, she explained further that his love of ice cream was responsible for him having to “…suck his gut in” for photos.  Sabre’s father is noted swimmer Justin Norris, who won a Bronze medal for Australia in the 2000 Olympic Games. 

The exchange led not only to laughter from the television studio that could be heard during the interview, but also now more than 3 million views online, so far. Sabre went on to finish 25th in the event. We’re not sure how much prize money exactly comes with that, but it would probably buy a lot of donuts… or ice cream.  No word on whether dad’s eating habits have changed since the interview, but you’re sure to hear a lot more out of this young lady in the future


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